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Climb fast. Descend even faster. Welcome to your Element.

Purpose-built to hit the precise sweet spot between lightweight cross country climbing prowess and technical precision, the Element is the best of both worlds and more. New-levels of climbing efficiency guarantees that oh-so-sweet feeling of riding someone off your wheel. Added levels of stability on fast descents and a pseudo-aggressive seat tube angle provides surprising levels of confidence on tight single track and hairy descents. Light. Stiff. Fast. Smooth. Precise. You’re now in your Element—always.

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Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Ride ’em all (well, maybe not fire).

The perfectly balanced advantage


It’s light. It’s stiff. It climbs. It does everything you expect a good cross country bike to do. But then, its subtly aggressive geometry and lengthened wheelbase changes the game when descending and charging fast, rough, technical sections of singletrack.


Lightweight trail dominance


With 120mm of smooth, progressive travel, the Element is in a totally different league than every cross country bike that came before it. Progressive geometry means you can not only ride more trails up and down than ever—they’re now faster, too.


The comfort of competence


Soaking up aggressive sections of trail means more matches to burn as the day goes on. Ride further than ever in surprising levels of comfort. Keep cottonmouth at bay with plenty of room to carry two full-sized bottles. Ride more trails than ever—and do it comfortably.




Since the 90s, the Element has gapped the pack in delivering a game-changing XC riding rig. That hasn’t changed.

The latest? Smart and intuitive RIDE-4 tuning that lets riders quickly fine-tune their geometry and suspension setup for the fastest possible trail solution. A more compliant frame setup than ever boosts comfort without sacrificing speed. Plenty of frame room for two bottles ensures you’ll be able to keep the pace hot all day long.



Sizing chart

These figures are a rough guide only. Rider proportions, riding style, and personal preferences all factor in choosing the correct bike size. Rocky Mountain always recommends test riding and professional bike fitting at an authorized dealer. Learn more about size specific tune


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LG 29, MD 29, SM 29, XL 29, XS 27.5


Alloy, Cross Country, Down Country, Full Suspension, Mountain, Trail, XC


Rocky Mountain




Rocky Mountain


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