Performance E-Bike Kit , No Battery, Front Wheel

Front Conversion Kit is Best for Top Speed!

Performance E-Bike Kit , No Battery, Front Wheel

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  • Best for Top Speed & Performance
  • Pedal-Assist & Throttle On Demand
  • Programmable LCD Dashboard
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E-BikeKit™ Front 500-1000w Geared Hub Motor Conversion Kit
with Pedal-Assist and Throttle On Demand functions.

Programmable LCD!

The E-BikeKit 500-1000w geared conversion kit is powered by an internal 5:1 planetary gear hub motor with clutch. The clutch in the geared motor offers zero drag when pedaling and not engaging battery power.  This motor is more efficient, resulting in increased range (especially with “start/stop” riding), has more starting torque, and has greater hill-climbing ability than a Direct-Drive motor of equal power rating. The motor is also smaller in diameter for increased stealth and 3.4lbs lighter than the 500w direct-drive.

Who’s it for? This kit is for anyone wanting the best of the best in performance, efficiency, weight and stealth. There is a 300lb total load limit so if you plan on more than that, look to a direct-drive motor.

Conversion Kit Specs:< br/> Watts (Nominal/Peak): 500-1000w (EBK 22amp controller)
Top Speed: Approx. 20 MPH @36v in 26″ wheel / Approx. 28 MPH @48v in 26″ wheel
Range: Depends on battery capacity(AH), total load, rider input and terrain
Performance: High
Efficiency: High
Stealth Factor: High

Battery: Not Included
Charger: Not Included

Any battery chemistry (Li-ion, LiFePO4, Lithium Manganese, Lead-Acid, etc.) is acceptable, as long as the voltage is 36v or 48v AND the battery is capable of 22Amp continuous discharge. The Amp Hour (AH) battery specification is an indication of a battery’s capacity. A battery capacity of 10ah will typically deliver 20 miles / 32kms range.


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E-Bike Kit

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Wheel Size

20", 24", 26", 700c/29er


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