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OSPW (Oversized Pulley Wheel) X System for Shimano XT/XTR 1×12–Coated


 The OSPW X System reduces friction 35-40% over stock pulley configuration. The lightweight custom molded carbon fiber cage ensures durability. This design allows use of the same length chain as stock pulleys.

The 14-tooth upper and 18-tooth lower pulley profiles ensure stable chain retention without added drag. The OSPW X System is developed, designed and handbuilt in Denmark – and test proven globally. Only compatible with 1X specific derailleurs. This system uses CeramicSpeed’s special coated bearings, as explained below.
In the box:

  • Complete OSPW System for Shimano XT/XTR 1×12
  • CeramicSpeed Pulley Oil, 15 ml
  • Sticker Sheet


Tech Data

Pulley Wheels: CeramicSpeed 14-tooth upper and 18-tooth lower

Pulley Wheel Material: Aluminium

Cage Material: Carbon reinforced PA

Bearings: CeramicSpeed Coated

CeramicSpeed Grease/oil: CeramicSpeed Pulley Oil

Compatibility: Shimano XTR M9100-SGS, Shimano XTR M9100-GS, Shimano XT M8100-SGS and SLX M-7100 derailleurs

Casette Compatibility: Up to a 10-51 range

Spring Tension Settings: 2 spring tension settings

Speed: 12-speed

Discipline: Off-Road

The Advantages of Coated Bearings

 CeramicSpeed’s coated bearings offer the ultimate gains in performance and longevity. Their proprietary coating features several attributes that improve the longevity of CeramicSpeed bearings. The increased hardness of the races, combined with the smoothness of the CeramicSpeed balls results in virtually no wear on the bearing.

The coating is a metallic layer, which is 75% harder than the hardened steel races. The coating is applied in a very thin and even layer of 3 microns (0.003 mm) on the entire surface of the bearing race. Both the inside and the outside are treated to achieve optimal results.


Longevity testing - Tests results from Friction Facts by CeramicSpeed

Within CeramicSpeed’s comprehensive R&D program, the special coating has been developed in cooperation with a European coating specialist. Applied to the bearing’s steel races through an advanced process that ensures an even, smooth and homogeneous surface, the coating formula further improves the high quality of CeramicSpeed bearings.

Thanks to the coating’s high resistance to corrosion – even if the bearing is contaminated with degreaser, water or mud – the risk of bearing failure due to corrosion is negligible. CeramicSpeed coated bearings provide unmatched longevity and incredibly low friction.


Maintenance of Coated Bearings

Coated bearings are more resistant to lack of lubrication when it comes to wear and damage on the bearing. But this does not eliminate the need for maintenance. Just as they do with their standard bearings, we recommend to always lubricate the bearings with our special grease to achieve optimal performance in terms of low friction and longevity.

For all training and racing applications, CeramicSpeed recommends using CeramicSpeed All-Round Grease. For the lowest friction possible, they recommend they recommend using their TT Grease. However, compared with the standard All-Round Grease, the TT Grease has a shortened lifetime and therefore requires more frequent application.

6-Year Warranty

Like all CeramicSpeed bearings, the coated products are handbuilt in Denmark. Building a coated bearing adds a number of extra steps to the process. The CeramicSpeed balls and steel races are matched to the micron after which, each set of races is coated. The races are kept together in pairs through the entire process and after coating, each set passes quality control tests before they go into production.

CeramicSpeed Coated Bearings are available for Pulley Wheels, Bottom Brackets, Wheel Kits, the Oversized Pulley Wheel Systems and Headsets.

Come see what CeramicSpeed is all about at 5440 Burnet Rd Austin, TX 78756, 10-7 Mon-Fri., 10-5 Sat.


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