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Bianchi Infinito C2C Road Bike

This used (maybe 8-9 years old) Bianchi Infinito C2C is a great bike, and a great looking bike. A little dated, perhaps, for the elitists riding amongst us, but this Infinito is just fine for serious long-distance riding, even for racing. A few years’ age has not diminished this bike’s capabilities. You do not need an […]

Giving Civia a Short Rest and Test

After several months of back pain when I rode the Civia exclusively on my Southern Walnut Creek our-and-back, I got to feeling well enough to ride several of my neglected non power assist bikes. Several chiropractor visits and losing 20 pounds have been pretty effective in reducing day to day lower back misery. So off […]

Ribs Are for Barbequing, Not Breaking

Folks, make no bones about it. I have been in a world of pain lately. Actually there is a bone involved. I cracked a rib the other day whilst dumpster surfing for a valuable item I had mistakenly tossed away and couldn’t afford to lose. Thankfully I did not have to dive; it was resting […]

Last Tango on Stelvio. Farewell!

It goes up. It goes down. That is what Stelvio was built for. Climbing like a bike possessed and descending with all the vengeance you care to apply. Tolerable on smooth paved roads for at least a century, on 25 mm tires. It wastes none of your time and energy on the flats. But at […]

The Old Man and the C (The all-Carbon Marin Stelvio)

We were comfortably late Sunday morning; Stelvio and I were poised at the Govalle Neighborhood Park trailhead of Southern Walnut Creek Trail. Although I spent six months riding one of the very first Exxon Graftek carbon fiber bikes in 1978 or thereabouts, my subsequent carbon experience had been limited to a handful of parking lot […]

Mastering the Stelvio (Marin, that is)

The other day, a new used bike appeared at the farm, a 2005-ish Campagnolo-equipped Marin Stelvio, an all-carbon bike but one built in the old school way of tubing and external lugs. I instantly took an interest in it. And so the O-Dawg told me to take it out for some rides and write about […]

Bike Church, Civia North Loop E-Bike, August 30

I was raised Lutheran but I’ve been going to Bike Church on Sundays for about 50 years now. Well, most Sundays. This Sunday I was not feeling particularly religious, or awake. It was way too easy just to roll over for another doze rather than get up at 7:30. But you have to get up […]

Lipitor and the North Loop

Let me make one thing clear before I start talking about bike riding. I hate Lipitor. Not that I have anything against drugs. They make you feel good, or at least better, most of the time. I have taken Lipitor to control a very slightly high level of cholesterol. Many of y’all take it as […]

Fall in the Air, Mud on the E-Bike

After a lovely Fall morning of running errands around central Austin on the Civia North Loop, it was time to have some trail fun. I didn’t have to look far; headed to the Mueller Development trail system. Lots of gravel, which is nice enough, but I was looking for trouble, brown sticky trouble: mud. And […]

New Southern Walnut Creek Speed Récord, on Civia!

A new speed record on Southern Walnut Creek Trail, on the Civia North Loop E-Bike, of all bikes, kickstand, upright bars, platform pedals and all. 15.9 mph and probably would have been 16 if not for the downed tree across the path. Only one crossing point and traffic was backed up. I used Turbo level […]

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