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Bike Farm Blog

Civia North Loop E-bike Test Ride, July 27

First commute to and from work today on the Civia North Loop E-bike was great! Only a few minutes slower than driving! Could easily do 20 mph in turbo mode. Pesky hills Left home a little after 11:30, got to work at noon, not exactly the best time to ride to work, but it was […]

Bianchi Eroica E-Road Bike Test Ride, August 2

The newbies were out on Southern Walnut Creek Trail this weekend like the armies of ants now streaming up the trail starting about mile 5 to mile 6. Why do they do it? Guess I’ll have to ask an ant-omologist. They always starting trekking in early July. But getting to my point … as newbies […]

Civia North Loop E Bike, Test Ride 1, July 25

First ride on the Civia North Loop E-Bike I will be reviewing/blogging about here and on Face. This is a commuter/grocery getter that is also good for neighborhood rides and light trails where permitted in Austin. Aluminum frame, Bosch Active Line Plus drive system offers 250 watts of power, 50Nm max torque and up to […]

Aria E Road Bike and Civia North Loop Test Rides

21.5 miles on the Aria E Road Bike, a nice outing on a cloudy cool day, wife was ready for a walk. Since I can’t walk very far without sciatica setting in, I chose to ride the Civia North Loop without power assist. The granny gear (38×36) let me mosey along beside her at moderate […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Bike Test Ride 7, July 20

While Austin’s blast furnace is just heating up for the summer, the days are growing shorter. Already, the sun is rising 15 minutes later than it was just a month ago. Which makes getting out for that early morning ride just that much harder, since I tend to rise only with the dawn’s early light. […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Bike Test Ride 4, June 26

Old Man Richard says: 4th ride on Aria E-bike. My 90 min. pre-work ride, which is from home to some point on Southern Walnut Creek Trail. Usually the 5.5 marker, making for a total of 17.3 miles. On the Aria with low power assist, I did 21.5 miles in 88 minutes. averaging only 14.6 mph, […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Bike Test Ride 3, June 25

Old Man Richard’s third test ride on the Bianchi Aria E-Road bike this morn. This ride was the first ride with power assist, set at low. Rode my standard 15.5 out/back on So. Walnut Crk. Trail, just as on the first ride (without power assist). Like first ride, I had similar weather, physical strength and […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Bike Test Ride 5, June 28

26.7 mi. on the Aria E-Road bike today. Rode the 20.6 Southern Walnut Creek trail out and back on medium power assist. Going out averaged 17 mph, which included climbing city view hill. Coming back into stiff headwind was only 16.5 mph, plus I switched the battery off for a mile or so cuz it […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Bike Test Ride 6, July 2

My regular 21.5 mile out and back from home on Southern Walnut Creek on the Aria E-Road. I had to take it easy to keep from stressing my lower back, so low power assist helped. As I have noted in recent posts the lower back was really hurting during the last week. Without low power assist […]

Bianchi Aria E-Road Test Ride 2, June 25

June 25: This morning the old man’s routine 17.3 mile before-work ride, on the Aria E-Road, again with no power assist used. It was another baseline test ride against my steel bikes. I ride from home to Southern Walnut Creek trail head at Govalle Park, then to mile marker 5.5, where the City View hill […]

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