Austin Bike Farm

About Us

“All bikes are equal, but some bikes are more equal than others.”

Founded in 2010 on the principles of western democracy and unfettered capitalism, Austin Bike Farm has steadily grown as the leading provider of new and used bikes in Austin, Texas. Our selection includes mountain bikes, ebikes, bmx, road, triathlon, hybrids, recumbents, cruisers, and even the occasional tall bike unicycle.

Don’t be fooled by the small store-front — Bike Farm has expanded well beyond the confines of the standard bike box. What lies within and behind this modest brick and mortar will blow your mind and build lasting memories for the whole family. Come in for a test ride, or drop your bike off for a tune-up.

In her free time, Austin Bike Farm enjoys long shreds in the woods and
slo-mo backflips into lake landings. Other hobbies include e-biking down steep staircases and supporting new trail development across East Austin.

Bike Farm Racing

Bike Farm supports a select group of racers across a variety of disciplines — Enduro, XC, Cyclocross, Gravel, Adventure/Endurance, and Road. All ages are welcome. If you’re interested in learning more, email We also have Bike Farm-branded jerseys and shorts for sale.

Weekly Rides & Tours

Bike Farm hosts a weekly Beginner/Intermediate Road Ride on Thursdays. Wheels down from the shop at 6:30pm. This ride typically covers about 20 miles of iconic Austin byways and scenic sunsets. No drop, 15-18mph avg, depending on the wishes of the group.

For the ebikers and e-curious, we host a weekly Urban E-Bike Ride that 

explores the lesser known trails, tunnels, staircases of Austin. Bring lots of fluids. Beer is usually involved. Shenanigans are encouraged. Wednesdays, meeting at the shop, wheels down 7:30ish.

If you’d like to arrange a special tour of roads or trails, in the Austin area or at Reveille Peak Ranch, message us at We will soon be offering Specialized ebike demos as part of our curated tours and special group ride series.

ps. To fully appreciate the quotes and references scattered throughout the Bike Farm website, we encourage everyone to read George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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